Dr. Dacia Milescu's personal testimony to her life journey through her own self healing has inspired her to facilitate the same resilience in others. She transitioned from gymnast to doctor, and changed again by starting her teaching career as a College Professor, and private Holistic Coaching with Medical Yoga, Pilates, and Energy Medicine Healing.

She is a group Restorative Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation instructor as well.

Her journey of transformation and resilience through challenges, redefine her as the embodiment of a spartan soul.

Although her back and hips can no longer sustain hours standing in the O.R. as a Podiatric Surgeon, she now enjoys a very diversified and inspirational private practice, helping private clients, teaching Yoga, and Pilates, and facilitating energy medicine healing privately, as well as publicly every Friday morning at her healing arts center.

She enjoys her professor position at Daytona State College teaching both Human Biology, as well as Anatomy & Physiology, passing on the knowledge to future medical professionals.

Doc4Teaching is designed for students in pre-medical studies.

Twice a week tutoring available virtually. $60/hr. Package rates available as frequency of visits needed.

Medical Yoga, Pilates Personal Fitness Training, or Reiki/ Spiritual Arts Personal Development.

$80/hr. single session. $200 package of 3, or monthly rate twice a week training 2 hours (8 sessions) $400

"Peak Performance and Balance of Body Mind and Soul. 

Harness the strength and confidence of the Spartan Soul Within You. 

Rise. Redefine."

Dr. Milescu. 

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Please print, and fill out the medical intake form prior to your first appointment. Download the PDF file below.

“You have power over your mind - not outside events.
Realize this, and you will find strength.”
Marcus Aurelius

Find the Spartan soul within!

Transmute Conditioned Neural Pathways:
Release and evolve into new thought patterns more in line with your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.
Wellness Coaching via nutrition, exercise, breath work, meditation, and Energy Healing through Holy Fire Reiki.
Will you take the first step in the journey to self development and healing?

Bernie's healing journey through Medical Yoga

When the physician needs healing, too!

Dr. Milescu talks about her new journey to healing from bilateral hip replacements that occurred one year apart of each other.

Sample Lesson in Anatomy by Dr. Milescu
Get a tutor who is a doctor that has clinical experience, and is also an experienced professor in the Biological Sciences since 2010.
Anatomy & Physiology is a core foundation for all branches of healthcare!

Understanding and defining Medical Yoga, Pilates, and Holistic Wellness Coaching via Guided Meditations and Energy Healing via Holy Fire Reiki:

A one-hour private session that holistically addresses the individual by connecting the body and mind through a therapeutic medical yoga and Pilates program. Designed specifically to address individual needs - be it body strength, posture, alignment, flexibility, pain management, and increased mobility - through assisted stretching and passive joint range of motion exercises.

The program is also designed to address the mental and spiritual aspects of an individual's needs through breath-work, emotional freedom technique, guided visualizations, affirmations, and energy healing modalities.

What kind of clients seek Medical Yoga?

Typical clients can be found from all walks of life: corporate personnel, nurses, doctors, teachers, stressed-out moms, and many people living in this busy world.

Dr. Milescu accepts chronic knee, neck, back and hip pain clients. 

To schedule an appointment, call:

Dr. Milescu 407-739-7183 

Summary of Services Dr. Milescu offers:

Why Doc4teaching?
Why get a tutor?
Well get a tutor who is a doctor that has clinical experience, and an experienced professor in the Biological Sciences.
Anatomy & Physiology is a core foundation for all branches of healthcare!
Learn from a physician who has been through the rigorous process of the biological and medical sciences and the experience of teaching Biology and Anatomy & Physiology for that last 12 years. 
Set up strategy and study plans for success from the subject matter expert.
Dr. Milescu is currently Assistant Professor at Daytona State College teaching Anatomy Physiology I and II and additionally, she teaches introductory Human Biology.
Get started, dive in, finish strong with an exceptional grade. Receive a personalized learning experience after the established baseline knowledge is assessed. Show what you know and set up a goal plan. The learning path is focused on what needs work and/or establishing a new skill set within the course.

Why Pilates with Dr. Milescu
Because as a Podiatrist, and movement science expert, she will observe your gait pattern, posture, and biomechanical imbalances into new movement designed through an anatomically based therapeutic perspective to re-establish pelvic floor and core strength thereby improving the way your body moves and your posture sitting or standing.

Why Medical Yoga?
Because we are combining traditional yoga practice individually designed for the needs of resolving imbalances with the Body Mind Soul and Spirit. Reestablishing a balance with mobility and strength, managing stress and improving resilience through mind body practices.

Why Holy Fire Reiki?
Energy healing from the heavenly realm. As an archangel guide and Holy Fire Reiki Master the experience of receiving Holy Fire Reiki healing illuminates the doorways to clarity and vision for each individual, creating peace and acceptance. Deep soul healing, vision and spiritual armor to persevere and rise above life’s challenges.

Why Yoga Nidra -guided meditations in supine position
You deserve the radiant rest with guided meditation laying down and clearing out the physical, mental, and emotional baggage in order to reset and balance body mind and soul. 

Sample Fusion Fitness Class: Pilates-Vinyasa Yoga- Yoga Nidra
Diversity in Teaching Biological Science, Fitness/Wellness & Personal Development
Sample Guide Meditation with Holy Fire Reiki Remote Energy Healing during COVID-19, 2021

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