Dr. Dacia Milescu,
Podiatric Physician
Dr. Milescu Resume of Dual Careers in Education and Fitness/Wellness 
Founder & Owner Serenity Now Yoga Corp., Established 2010

Professor at Riggs College of Allied Health, Herzing University, Unitek - Brookline College online.

Anatomy & Physiology, Human Biology, Nutrition, Microbiology, Chemistry

Retired Podiatric Physician & Board-Certified Foot & Ankle Surgeon,

Medical Yoga Teacher and Energy Medicine Healer.

Movement Medicine & Corrective Therapeutic Exercise provider via medical yoga and pilates.

“Proactive Personal Development”

to manage stress holistically.

The path to teaching others how to connect body, mind, and soul into daily practice thus integrating with traditional allopathic medicine, in order to complement the management of chronic medical conditions.


B.A. Biology, Minor Chemistry and Psychology 1991

New York College of Podiatric Medicine 1995- Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM)

Board Certified Foot Surgeon: American Board of Podiatric Surgery August 2004

Fellow American College of Foot & Ankle Surgery 2003-2012

Consultant for Wound Technology Network 2008-2012

Closed practice 2012

Full time Professor Anatomy & Physiology 2012-2016- Herzing University

2013 Teacher of the Year

Adjunct Professor at the School of Biological and Physical Sciences Daytona State College- Deland Campus 2016-present

Yoga Certifications:

Kids Yoga, 2009

Prenatal Yoga, 2010

Private Yoga,  2010

Hatha Yoga 200 hour, 2008

Vinyasa Yoga 200 hour, 2010

Kundalini Yoga 200 hour, 2013

Other training and certifications:

Pranayama (Yoga Breath-work)

Meditation certification

Advanced Pranic Healing (Energy Healing)

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master/Teacher certifications to qualify her as a Spiritual teacher and Energy healer.

Chaplain Universal Life Church

Spencer Institute: Holistic Life Coach

Online Mat Pilates certification

Dr. Milescu is the creator of the medical yoga program developing organically since 2009.



Dr. Dacia Milescu is trained as a podiatric surgeon. She graduated New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 1995. She was board certified in 2004. She was a Foot and Ankle Surgeon completing a 3-year residency after Podiatric Medical School. She earned her status as a Fellow in the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons. Prior to her post graduate medical training, she received her degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and Psychology from Hofstra University.


She now devotes her fulltime teaching future medical professionals, while managing a wellness center coaching clients seeking fitness & wellness.


Dr. Milescu combines dual careers in higher education, serving the community as Faculty member for Unitek- Brookline College Online, Herzing University Online and Riggs College of Allied Health. Dr. Milescu has surgical, clinical, and academic knowledge alongside extensive fitness/wellness training certifications in Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing, and Wellness Coaching.


The journey to health and wellness began with gymnastics and all its associated injuries, causing major physical change in her mid-thirties after a car accident. With the help of her rehab team of physical therapists and chiropractic care, she was guided and introduced to the holistic wellness world. She became a leader in the fitness/wellness industry with multiple trainings and certifications in the holistic health field since 2007. She transitioned from private podiatric practice with weekend emergency surgeries for diabetic foot infections, to full time teaching Anatomy & Physiology in 2012. She started teaching anatomy in a personal training school in 2008, and later, a massage therapy program in 2010. The rest is history! Dr. Milescu has taught Anatomy & Physiology, Biology and Pathology since 2008.


When you are guided by Dr. Milescu, her classroom management style leads with inspiration, and demonstrates a simplified directive, reinforcing incentive, and positive guidance. The teaching style is motivational, honest, and innovative, thus engaging the student to aim for their personal best. Dr. Milescu has the capacity of understanding the diversified learning needs of students online. She is always encouraging the use of technologies in daily activities, and implementation of exceptional online instructional classroom applications.

Dr. Milescu Biography

SNY studio and Dacia headshot.jpg

The Power of Three Services-
1. Yoga and Pilates as a therapeutic modality- Hands on Stretching. (Body) 
2. Guided Meditation with EFT and Affirmations. (Mind) 
3. Energy Healing and Holistic Life Coaching. (Spirit)

Dr. Milescu offers an eclectic mix of services for self healing and wellness.
Personal Development packages are offered with one on one training and consultations.

Dr. Milescu's Biography:

My formal yoga training started in 2008 after my career as a surgeon was cut short as a result of a back injury sustained in a car accident.

Yoga brought me back after physical therapy.

I became certified in Hatha Yoga with Red Sun Yoga 200 hour teacher training in Winter Springs Florida.

Along the way, I completed trainings in Sadhana Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Private Yoga Teacher training, and Kids Yoga certification.

The Kids Yoga certification, I am currently utilizing as sole instructor for Bear Lake Montessori Academy in Apopka Florida.

The last training I completed in yoga was Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 2013, another 200 hours with the Kundalini Yoga Center in Altamonte Springs Florida.


Educational Level:

Elite Level Gymnast until 1988.

I then went on full scholarship to Hofstra University earning my B.A. Biology, and also completing minors in Chemistry and Psychology.

I graduated in 1991 and went straight to New York College of Podiatric Medicine where I graduated as a Podiatric Physician in 1995.

I aimed higher and matched with a surgical residency.

I completed a three year residency at St. Barnabas Hospital from 1995-1998.

I was a practicing physician in New York City working with New York City Ballet and Broadway dancers with foot injuries.

I became a Fellow at the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and was therefore a "Board Certified Foot Surgeon" in August 2004.

After the great recession in 2008, aside from my back injury, it was difficult to maintain my private practice.

I continued practicing medicine while cultivating two careers; teaching Anatomy & Physiology plus Biology at college level, starting in 2008.

The second career in health and wellness was developing very nicely alongside teaching college.

I began my journey learning and earning multiple certifications in health and wellness via Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing, Pilates and Personal Fitness Training from 2008 to present time.

I opened up my new business adjacent to my private podiatric medical practice.

Serenity Now Yoga Barre & Healing Arts studio was established in 2010 Longwood Florida.

I still own the studio 10 years later, although at present I am virtual due to Covid-19.


The last 10 years, I developed my own protocols and practices for clients with specific orthopedic issues and medical problems and called it "Medical Yoga ".

My private session practice organically flourished as I started receiving referrals from physicians for clients wanting persona, physical, mental, and spiritual development.


In 2012, I closed my private podiatric medical practice to seek full time work as professor and continue on as yoga studio owner/teacher.


During my transition from a physician, to a professor and yoga teacher/studio owner, I expanded beyond yoga trainings.

The most profound self-development and healing took place with Energy Healing Trainings.

Here is the list:

Usui Reiki Level 1 and 2 training 2010

Advanced Pranic Healing 2012

Usui Reiki Master Level training 2014

Holy Fire II Reiki Master Level training 2016


Fast forward to the present, I am currently an adjunct professor of Human Biology as well as Anatomy & Physiology at the School of Biological & Physical Science Daytona State College.

I continue to own Serenity Now Yoga Barre Pilates and Healing Arts Center.

I continue to teach group classes in Yoga Pilates and Guided Meditation with energy Healing.

I continue to see private clients for Medical Yoga, Pilates, and Fitness Wellness Coaching.

Advanced Therapeutic Pilates teacher training certification and holistic wellness coaching are my latest certifications earned the last two years.


I am always looking for new opportunities to share my knowledge and passion for health and wellness.

Yoga served me well.

Yoga healed me more than once.

I had bilateral Hip replacements due to congenital hip dysplasia and subsequent awful arthritis pain.

My right hip was completed in 2018, my left hip was May 2019.

As of November 2019 to present day I practice and teach Yoga and Pilates with completely pain free mobility while feeling quite flexible and strong.


My profound self-discovery as I navigated challenging and unchartered waters:


 In Gratitude,

Dr. Milescu