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Therapeutic Medical Pilates for Joint Replacement of the Hips and Knees

What is Medical Pilates? 
Subtle, precise, technique rules the principles of alignment and core strength in Pilates.

Pilates is more therapeutic than any other form of exercise addressing muscle imbalances and conditions arising from chronic back, hip, and shoulder conditions.
Pilates is about realignment of posture by addressing and rebuilding the pelvic floor and core muscle structures of the abdomen, and spinal muscles supporting the entire body.

The results are better posture and body movement while providing  strength and support for the spine.

Medical Pilates can be used as a therapeutic modality post hip and knee joint replacement surgery.

Pilates will rebuild the pelvic floor, hip flexors, quads, hamstrings, and IT band post hip and knee replacement thereby re-establishing strength and stability in the lower extremity which needs to be maintained throughout the lifetime of the implant.

Dr. Milescu has a unique perspective in that she comes from an elite level gymnastics career, trained as a podiatric physician who decided to open a wellness center in 2010.

Dr. Milescu started her fitness wellness career in 2008 being formally trained in both Yoga and Pilates.

Her personal private practice of yoga and pilates has led to the creation of therapeutic medical yoga and pilates.

Her more recent battle with pain in the back and both hips, gives her unique empathy and understanding to those suffering from back, hip, and other arthritic conditions.

As an old elite level athlete subject to extreme traumatic arthritis induced pain, she has managed her degenerative joint disease of the spine, disc herniations and bilateral congenital hip dysplasia with both modalities; Yoga and Pilates for maintenance.

She truly is the only bilateral hip replacement surgery patient who is a Physician teaching Yoga and Pilates.

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Therapeutic Medical Yoga for Joint Replacement of the Hips and Knees

Many hip replacement clients benefit from a combination of medical pilates and medical yoga.

What is Medical Yoga?

Typically a session begins with deep diaphragmatic breathing laying down on a table and starting restorative yoga poses linking breath with movement.

The next phase is passive and active assisted stretching on the table. It may be combined with energy work such as the Holy Fire Reiki modality for healing specific areas of the body.

The final phase is completed on the floor with props such as straps and bolsters to improve alignment and flexibility.

The sessions ends with a delightful guided meditation with progressive muscle relaxation, breath work and guided imagery.