Private Practice Pricing:

One 60-minute session: $80 

3 weekly 60-minute sessions: $200


Gait Analysis and Posture Assessment


Dr. Milescu is your Healing Movement Specialist and Postural Yoga Teacher.

Medical Yoga provides Space 4 healing!


Gait Analysis and Postural Assessment determines the overall health and vitality of an individual.

Faulty biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system can eventually be extremely debilitating.

Biofeedback and re-training the brain to correct angular imbalances at specific joints, strengthening specific joints, while releasing  and creating movement mobility in other joints, is paramount to an overall healthy balanced body in strength flexibility and adaptability to physical challenges.

Book your complimentary 20 minute evaluation to see how you can improve your posture and therefore vitality.

A 1 hour Medical Yoga Session will address these issues discovered in the 20 minute consultation.

The road to improvement involves: assisted stretching, gait training, posture training, conditioning and strengthening joint and muscular imbalances.

Chakra Balancing through Guided Meditation and Energy Healing:

What you will experience:

A 30 or 60 minute journey where we not only calm body mind and soul, but truly reset the button on your life force that you emit from the body. Hands on healing, or non-touch healing alongside a guided meditation.

Chakras our powerful energy centers for self transformation and healing. 

Often an electrical imbalance emitted from our aura and our chakra energy centers will precede and signals an area or organ system that is compromised and may lead to issues on many levels physical, mental, and emotional.

Chakra balancing through energy healing and meditation awakens you to better version of what you want to be. 

We feel connected again and grounded in the present, ready for our life’s purpose with these two spiritual practices combined.

What does Energy Healing with a guided Meditation provide you?

Clarity of purpose, facing our fears and stuck patterns of behavior.

Remove doubt, fear, self-sabotage, hesitation.

Embrace self evolution!

Embrace Confidence, Purpose, and Proactive Personal Development.

Create the best version of yourself, relieve stress and balance yourself on all levels body mind soul as you connect with Spirit.

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 Dacia has been a wonderful asset in helping me improve flexibility and maintaining health function.  Over the years she has guided me in ways to modify yoga postures in response to my body's individual needs.  She has helped bring relief from arthritis -related issues, easing their effect, particularly with back issues.  Her warmth, empathy, and caring manner is most appreciated and evident in her timely response to getting an appointment saying flexibly, "Call me when you need me."  Dacia's extensive knowledge of anatomy allows her to pinpoint areas of concern or discomfort with a seemingly sixth sense!  I consider her a beautiful adjunct t o staying flexible and active and enjoying life.  Thanks, Dacia!

2. I was in a near fatal motorcycle in December of 2006. I was in a comma and on life support for three weeks and in ICU for four weeks. I suffered compression of cervical joints C5, C6 and C7 and underwent decompression surgery. I suffered multiple rib fractures, fractured left clavicle, fractured left scapula, partial thickness tear of the left rotator cuff, multiple fractures to the thoracic section of my back and a fractured left pelvis bone.

At the time of the accident I was 53 years old and in good physical condition. Since that time I have experienced chronic severe pain in my back, shoulder and ribs. The chronic pain has been rehabilitating. I have been to 2 chiropractors, 2 pain management specialists, multiple physical therapy specialists, and multiple massage therapists and to Jewitt Orthopedic to a shoulder specialist. I received very little help that lasted more than a few hours from any of the specialists.

Out of complete frustration I searched for an alternative solution. I discovered Dr. Milescu’s website for Serenity Now Yoga. In December of 2011 I made an appointment with Dr. Milescu for private medical yoga therapy. I have been seeing her once a week since that time. No physical therapy has been as effective as the medical yoga therapy that Dr. Milescu performs. I am now able to go on with life without rehabilitating pain. I have also decreased my level of pain medication.

3. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who has moderate to severe chronic pain and has not found an acceptable solution. It has worked for me. I have increased mobility decreased pain gained strength both physical mental and spiritual. The guided meditation completes the session, making it the highlight of my week. I am able to be more relaxed focused and productive throughout my work day.

"The best most relaxing and inspiring place to get centered and even sweat a little if you want to! The owner and teachers are truly genuine. Going to SNY literally save my life and helped me get through pregnancy".
Jenny May

"I just wanted to say how much Yoga has helped me. I started July 2010 to see if practicing Yoga would help my lower back, if yoga hadn't helped me, I was going to see an Orthopedic Surgeon for help which probably would have resulted in surgery! I am happy to say that I won't need to go that route at all, and am standing here today pain free because of Serenity Now Yoga and the encouragement from Dacia to stay focused and practice the art of Yoga!"
Patti Menard

Dacia has improved my flexibility and though I still have a ways to go her patient encouragement helps me from giving up. Her multifaceted experience and education enables you to discuss your back health and all the things that can be incorporated in the healing process. She is charming, intelligent and is truly a gifted healer.

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