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Milescu Medical Yoga is an individualized private session.
  • Dr. Milescu specializes as a medical yoga provider for Joint Replacement patients

  • Dr. Milescu takes on clients with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and medical conditions that prevent participation in group classes thereby improving the quality of patients lives.

Intelligent Motion: combining natural medicine through energy balancing, and sound movement science via corrective postural exercises and assisted stretching.

Dr. Milescu Cell: 407-739-7183



Your session includes:

  • Movement medicine-physical assessment & gait analysis

  • Assisted stretching

  • Corrective exercise through medically therapeutic Yoga

  • Breath work

  • Emotional Freedom Technique and Meridian Energy Tapping with Affirmations

  • Guided meditation and visionary pathworking


The practice is taking on clients with a variety of orthopedic issues such as chronic back pain, hip and knee replacements to improve strength, mobility, and pain reduction. 
Mobility prevents disability!

It was established through a community need to serve the elderly population in mobility, and quality of life improvement, as well as young and middle aged individuals with chronic pain, injuries, and medical conditions which prevent them from participating in group sports and group fitness classes.

Why should anyone practice Medical Yoga?

"Practice the science of Yoga and you connect to the energy of Source within us all, directly from our Creator seen in all its forms, in all of nature and its intricate design."
(Dr. Milescu quote).
Creating the life you want has to be a proactive process by the individual.
​It starts within your spirit as a desire to create the spark of self transformation within you.

This requires focus, precision, clarity, discipline, and daily dedication towards balancing body, mind and soul on all levels.
It requires mutual participation.

You cannot take from the teaching process without giving lots of energy to the teachings.

What can Medical Yoga do for you?
Increased mobility at the physical level, increased mental clarity, increased resilience to stress, and most importantly increased self awareness and clarity towards one's life purpose!

The session works on building confidence and clarity on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level of an individual. 
The session includes the combination of

  • Assisted stretching

  • Corrective exercises both conditioning and flexibility

  • Gait Analysis and correcting pathological Gait and Postural patterns

  • Breath-work: Diaphragmatic, and thoracic breathing engaging core from class pilates exercises

  • Energy Medicine Healing

  • Custom tailored guided meditations.

  • Life enrichment coaching and insight on individualized personal spirituality healing sessions.